August 2013

Date: 08/22/2013
Time: 8:00 PM CDT
Presenter: Stefan (@skoop) Koopmanschap
Topic: Practical Refactoring

Abstract: Every codebase builds up some legacy over time, there is hardly a way around that. But how you handle the legacy is what seperates a good developer from a great developer. Refactoring code should be a part of your every day work, but how to effectively refactor your code? How to ensure the quality of the new code as well as the fact that refactoring code won’t break something elsewhere in your code? During this talk we’ll go into the why, when and how of refactoring.

About Stefan Koopmanschap


Stefan Koopmanschap is a PHP developer, consultant and trainer. He is a community person and is active in the Dutch PHP community by being part of the event team as well as in the Symfony community as Community Manager amongst other things. Stefan has a wide history in Open Source, having been Support Team Leader for phpBB, documentation translator for Zend Framework and now Symfony advocate in The Netherlands and also online. Also, Stefan was co-founder of the Dutch PHP usergroup which later merged with phpBelgium to form PHPBenelux, where he was secretary.