August 2016 Newsletter

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2016-08 Learn

What have you learned today? This week? This month? Developers can’t simply coast. Our industry reinvents itself every three to five years. Don’t believe me? Look at how we used to develop PHP web applications just 5 years ago. Large monolithic frameworks, page based apps were the norm. Five years before that we still mixed PHP and HTML into the same files. Things change constantly.

Nomad PHP is a good way to keep up with what is going on, but it’s not the only way. For the sake of your career, you need to be learning, and you need to be constantly finding new sources. One of the reasons we publish this newsletter is to bring to you potentially new sources of knowledge. If one of the articles you see linked in this newsletter speaks to you or teaches you something new, bookmark it, visit it often. Keep reading it until it no longer has anything to teach you.

Finally, one of the best ways you can learn is to share what you have learned. The act of sharing – blogging, recording a video, speaking at a user group – will help you organize your knowledge and help solidify this knowledge in you brain. It has the added advantage of teaching others.

Help yourself learn, help others learn, make learning and then sharing part of your regular routine.

Cal Evans
Nerd Herder for the World Wide Herd

The InPHPormation You Need to Know

Current Versions of PHP

(Make sure you are up to date!)

Article Suggestions

Practicing YAGNI
Jason McCreary

Exporting Globals in PHP
Paul M. Jones

Composer – What You Should Know
Tomasz Sawicki

Delivering Files with PSR-7
Stephan Hochdörfer

Chronos – Let There Be Time

Decouple Your Framework For Easy Replacement
Michelangelo van Dam

The 3-Step Guide to Downloading Files in Zend Expressive
Matthew Setter

Build a PHP Chatbot in 10 Minutes
Christoph Rumpel

PHP/Symfony Development with Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)
Jani Tarvainen

Sending and Receiving SMS with Laravel and Nexmo
Eric L. Barnes

Checklist for Releasing Slim
Rob Allen

Defining Functions Inside a Constructor
Michael Kimsal

My Docker Setup
Chris Tankersley
(For more from Chris on Docker, check out his book/video combo package!)

Validating SSL Certificates with PHP
Freek Van der Herten

Joind.In Needs Help
Lorna Jane Mitchell

Always Use Caret instead of Tilde
Tobias Nyholm


Have you checked to see if there is a local PHP user group near you? Visit PHP.UG and see if there is a PHP user group near you. If you find one, get involved!


Madison PHP 2016
October 1, 2016 · Madison, WI

Zendcon 2016
October 18-21, 2016 · Las Vegas, NV*

November 14-18, 2016 · Washington, DC

ConFoo Vancouver
December 5-7, 2016 · Vancouver, Canada

Sunshine PHP
February 2-4, 2017 · Miami, FL*

* = Cal will be in attendance and have Nomad PHP stickers and patches.

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