Licensing and You

Chris Tankersley

Presented by Chris Tankdersley @dragonmantank

No matter how much work developers do in the open source world, they are confronted by a myriad of different licenses for things they want to use. GPL, MIT, BSD, Apache… these are just a few of the different licenses PHP devs deal with. What is the difference, and if you release your own code, which should you use? In 10 minutes we’ll give a high level overview of licensing, how it works, what to watch for, and the proper ways to use other people’s code.

Ansible Project Deploy

Ramon de la Fuente

Presented by Ramon de la Fuente

Ansible is a provisioning tool rapidly growing in popularity, mainly due to it’s simplicity. But it’s capable of more than just provisioning! In this talk, I’ll walk you through an Ansible role that can be used to deploy your projects. Those familiar with Capistrano wil recognize the method, but I’ll explain it step by step and in the end I’ll show a real-world example from a Symfony2 project: the SweetlakePHP website. (this talk assumes some knowledge of how Ansible works)