Deploying PHP Applications to Pagodabox

Maskim Surguy

Presented by, Maksim Surguy @msurguy

With so many options to get your applications out to the world it is no wonder deployment has become a stressful task. Platforms like Pagodabox simplify deployment and scaling of PHP applications and allow you to focus on building the application instead of worrying about its infrastructure. In this talk, creator of Bootsnipp, and many other websites built with PHP, Maksim Surguy, will introduce you to Pagodabox, its features and options for deploying your PHP applications. You’ll learn what Pagodabox is, how to deploy an application with it and how to accommodate the growth of your application.

Selenium Testing

Matt Parker

Presented by, Matt Parker @MattLlt

Automated browser tests can provide a valuable additional layer of tests for your application. In this lightning talk you’ll hear how and why we’ve made our browsers dance to the tune of Selenium tests using the phpunit extension. And we’ll look at some ways to reduce some of the pain that comes built-in with Selenium.