RFCs of the Future: Tick Talk

Cal Evans

Speaker: Cal Evans @calevans

Signal handling in PHP is one of those things that not a lot of people understand, so they don’t bother with. However, if you are writing command line scripts, signal handing is your friend. In PHP 7.1, it gets even easier thanks to changes made in the engine. This short video shows you the changes coming in PHP 7.1 and gives you a quick PCNTL demo that you can play with on your own.

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Vue JS is a Toolbox

Ilan Gitter

Speaker: Ilan Gitter @behind_the_mule

Vue JS has a much smaller learning curve than React but getting started can feel just as intense. I will describe a high level overview of the many ways you can incorporate Vue into an existing PHP project and also how to get started on a fully Vue JS driven application. I will also touch on what’s coming in Vue JS version 2.0