PHP 7.1 in 10 Minutes

Ian Littman

Speaker: Ian Litmann @iansltx

PHP 7.1 is hot off the presses. But what’s so different about it? I’ll touch on the highlights, from list-related syntactic sugar to better callables, constant visibility, iterables and more! I’ll also include a few important notes on backward compatibility breaks, so you know how much work it’ll take to upgrade your own code.

10 Things I Hate About Your API

Amanda Folson

Speaker: Amanda Folson @AmbassadorAwsum

You’ve built an API, launched it, and people aren’t excited about it. Why might that be? Many people release APIs for public consumption without any regard for developer experience. This creates a developer ecosystem that invites failure or worse — it can encourage people to seek alternatives. This talk will cover common API pitfalls (spoiler, not all of them are code-related!) and how to create an environment around your API that will make developers happy.

PHPChunkit – PHPUnit test runner with test chunking capabilities.

Jonathan Wage

Speaker: Jonathan Wage @jwage

PHPChunkit is a library that sits on top of PHPUnit and adds additional functionality to make it easier to work with large unit and functional test suites. The primary feature is test chunking and database sandboxing which gives you the ability to run your tests in parallel chunks on the same server or across multiple servers.

This lightning talk aims to introduce you to the basics of PHPChunkit and show you how to get started using the library.