Private Packagist

Those of you using Composer in a corporate environment are going to love this. Nils Adermann and Jordi Boggiano, the creators of Compsoer and have just introduced “Private Packagist“.

We are extremely excited to announce our newest product addition to PHP dependency management: Private Packagist. A service designed to help businesses of any size use Composer more effectively and with greater confidence.

This is a hosted (not self-hosted) service that allows you to create private packages. Then you can install them – assuming you have the proper credentials – jsut like any other package hosted on Packagist. As an added bonus, since it caches all of the Open Source packages for you and their associated meta data, it is easy for you to view all of the open source your organization is using as well as the associated licenses. You even have the ability to restrict adding new open source packages until they have been reviewed.

This is a great addition to the Composer ecosystem and one that I am sure many companeis are either looking into already, or will be soon.

Learn more about Private Packagist

Welcome to PHP 7.1!


In case you are living under a rock, the latest version of PHP released last week. PHP developers around the world began rebuilding their development containers with it so they can run their tests. Now it’s your turn. If you haven’t already installed it, you can download it here Grab it, get it running in your development environment, and run those unit tests. If all goes well, you can begin planning your staged deployment to production.

If you need a quick start guide to get you going, our good friend Mr Colin O’Dell has just the thing for you “Installing PHP 7.1”. It’ll get you up and going quickly on PHP 7.1.

What’s the big deal about PHP 7.1? I am so glad you asked. Here are the major new features released in PHP 7.1.

Now if you want a quick intro to several of these new features, check out our “RFCs of the Future” playlist on YouTube. In it, I talk about 4 of the new features.

Oh and while you are watching things download & compile, why not take the time to give a shoutout to all the core contributors, and a special thank you to Davey Shafik and Joe Watkins, the PHP 7.1 release managers.



Our good friend and recent Nomad PHP speaker, Eric Mann, (Monkeys in the Machine) has recently released his latest PHP project, Sessionz. (You know it’s cool because it ends in a Z)

“Sessionz is a middleware-inspired session management stack that works for any PHP application running on PHP 5.6 or better. 2 Like a request middleware stack, you can add in additional handlers to take care of different abstractions for your session.”

If you are working with middleware already, you really want to take a look at this. If you haven’t started working with Middleware, let this be your first step. We are trying to get Eric to present a lightning talk so he can not only share how we can use this great new tool, but he can also share his viZion for it. (See, I can use the cool-Z too.)

Learn more about Sessionz