SEM for Web Developers

Mike Stowe

May 26, 2022 at 6:00pm PDT        

You've built an amazing website, you have SEO down, but now you're stuck waiting for your site rankings to improve. Or worse, you just made it to the top and now your competitors are showing above you because they've purchased ads. So what do you do - of course you take advantage of Google Ads (formerly Adwords) but how do you know how to set up your ads, how do you manage different keywords and measure for success, how do you continue to optimize your ads, and how do you avoid the hidden gotchyas that can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars with little to show. In this talk we'll cover all of this and more as you are introduced to SEM and Google Ads.

About Mike Stowe

Michael Stowe is a professional, Zend Certified Engineer with over 10 years experience building applications for law enforcement, the medical field, nonprofits, and numerous industrial companies. Over the last several years he has been focused on APIs and ways to improve industry standards and efficiency. He now works for RingCentral, a company on the leading edge of cloud communications. You can view slides from his other talks at or follow him: @mikegstowe

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