DayCamp4Developers: Data


May 31, 2019 at 6:50am PDT        

Join us as we stream DayCamp4Developers: Data featuring numerous talks on managing data in PHP. After the event, videos will be available to purchase at a discounted rate. Full tickets (streaming + videos) and team tickets may be purchased at

Talk Titles and Descriptions TBD

Speakers TBD

Check back in a few days for a list of talks and speakers for DayCamp4Developers: Data

About EICC

Day Camp 4 Developers helps companies train not just developers but entire teams by bringing conference-level talks to an on-line forum. For less than the price of most conference tickets, companies can now train an entire team, and train them together.

All Day Camp 4 Developers events focus on a single topic. Each topic is selected to meet the needs of todays developers and prepare them to build tomorrow’s applications.

Each talk selected to be a part of a Day Camp 4 Developers event targets mid-senior level developers. Train your most senior people, stretch and grow your junior developers in a setting they are comfortable in and where their team mates can help them over the hurdles.

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