Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Building a New PHP Reflection Library

November 2016

Presented by James Titcumb (@asgrim)

Date: November 17, 2016
Time: 20:00 CET

Have you ever used PHP’s built in reflection, only to find you can’t do quite what you wanted? What about finding types for parameters or properties? What about reflecting on classes that aren’t loaded, so that you can modify them directly?

Better Reflection is an awesome new library that uses magical time-warp techniques* to improve on PHP’s built-in reflection by providing additional functionality. In this talk we’ll cover what reflection is all about, explore the cool features of Better Reflection already implemented, the difficulties we faced actually writing the thing, and how you can use Better Reflection in your projects to maximise your reflection-fu.

(*actual magic or time-warp not guaranteed)

This meeting is over, but you can still purchase the video.

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James Titcumb

James Titcumb

James is the founder of the UK based PHP Hampshire user group and the PHP South Coast Conference. He’s also a Zend Certified Engineer and consultant at Roave. During his downtime, he continues to run the PHP Hampshire user group and the conference, and keeps up with active contributions to various open source projects.

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