November 2016 Newsletter

Word for the Herd

2016-11 Thank you

In the United States, November is the month when we have Thanksgiving. It’s the holiday in which we remember those we are thankful for. This year, Kathy and I are thankful for the Nomad PHP Community. Compared to other communities, we are small, but we are growing. It is a matter of some pride for us that many of you who are subscribers have been with us for multiple years. To us, that is a sign that we are creating something that is useful to you.

Whether your involvement in the community is that you are a subscriber, you are a sometimes attender, or you are a mailing list member, we are thankful for you. We hope that you will be with us for many more years to come. Thank you. 🙂

Cal Evans
Nerd Herder for the World Wide Herd

The InPHPormation You Need to Know

Current Versions of PHP
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Article Suggestions

The PHP 7 “Request” Extension
Paul M. Jones

Welcome to PHP
Cal Evans

Simple Automated WordPress Deployment Tool with Wordmove
Ifhtul Emka

Episode 84: Whiny Feedback Loops

Handing JSON data errors in Slim 3
Rob Allen

MageTalk Episode 106 – The Gricehole
Phillip Jackson

Get rid of -m
Stefan Koopmanschap

PHP 7 at Tumblr

Handling Laravel Validation Error Messages With Vue.js
Chimezie Enyinnaya

Expanding Horizons
Joe Watkins

Integrate Bitcoin Payments with PHP
Voja Janjic

Understanding PHP Generators
Samuel Oloruntoba

Processing Signals and Collecting Garbage with Joe Watkins

What’s in store for PHP performance?
Jani Tarvainen

Importing and aliasing PHP functions
Simon Holywell

PHP 7 In-Depth Look
Chike Mgbemena


ConFoo Vancouver
December 5-7, 2016 · Vancouver, Canada

PHP Benelux
January 27-28, 2017 · Antwerp, Belgium

Sunshine PHP
February 2-4, 2017 · Miami, FL*

PHP UK Conference
February 16-17, 2017 · London, UK

Confoo Montreal
March 8-10, 2017 · Montreal, CA

Midwest PHP
March 17-18, 2017 · Bloomington, MN*

PHP Yorkshire
April 8, 2017 · York, UK*

PHP Tour Nantes
May 18-19, 2017 · France*

May 24-26, 2017 · Atlanta, GA*

International PHP Conference 2017
May 29 – June 2, 2017 · Berlin, Germany*

* = Cal will be in attendance and have Nomad PHP stickers and patches.

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