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Includes 4 videos all about APIs.

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Demystifying the REST API with Samantha Quiñones

Are you confused by REST APIs? Can’t tell a PUT from a POST? No idea what a non-idempotent operation is? Despite their ubiquity, the details of what makes an API RESTful are often lost even on experienced developers. We’ll cover the basics of the HTTP protocol that drives most REST services, break down the lingo, and clear up some misconceptions about this powerful and popular methodology.

Building Better APIs with Mike Stowe

Building an API is easy. Building an API that meets both the needs of your users and your company while being scalable and flexible enough to evolve – that’s another matter altogether. Thankfully, the API space has evolved drastically over the last two years, and new technologies and tools make this extremely complicated process a lot easier.

Web Frontend, API Backend with Lorna Mitchell

Ever wondered what a service-oriented website would actually look like in PHP? This session will show you! We’ll start with the API, building a simple one with familiar tools. Next, we’ll build a website that doesn’t use a database – instead it talks to our API to fetch data. Then the tricky part: securing access between the two, allowing API access for both the website itself and for logged-in users on that site using OAuth. Whatever your aspirations as a developer, if they include building API backends for apps or sites to consume, building lightweight web frontends, or building secure and scalable systems in PHP, then this session is for you.

12 Reasons Your API Sucks with Keith Casey

Those first moments of using an API are pivotal. There’s nothing like downloading this week’s PDF of the documentation, setting up a SOAP client, reconfiguring all your URLS, and decoding the latest binary payloads. It makes your heart sing and your blood pressure rise. Just like there are code smells through the rest of your project, there are API smells that make them hard to design, hard to launch, hard to maintain, and harder to use. We’ll use this time to explore a few common APIs to highlight those issues and demonstrate strategies to fix the issues before they become problems.


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