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Get Five Great eBooks on Different Aspects of PHP Programming for only $30!

It’s time once again to add new and interesting programming titles to your ebook reader. We are back with five great titles from five great authors.

Purchased individually, these books would cost you over $100. However, we are bringing you all 5 ebooks for only $30.

I'm British so I Know How to Queue

I’m British So I Know How to Queue

Stuart Grimshaw

Security Core Concepts

Securing PHP: Core Concepts

Chris Cornutt

Asynchronous PHP

Asynchronous PHP*

Chris Pitt

Oauth and PHP

Integrating Web Services with OAuth and PHP

Matt Frost

Mastering Object Oriented PHP

Mastering Object Oriented PHP

Brandon Savage

This is a limited time offer. Order today so that you don’t miss out.

The Fine Print
* Async PHP is currently a work in progress. You will receive the book as it is so far and the finished product once it is released. It’s such a great book, we just had to include it.


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