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What is Nomad PHP?

Nomad PHP is an on-line service that brings PHP developers from around the world together every month to learn by participating in the best conference level talks presented by the experts in the PHP community. It doesn’t matter if you are using Laravel, Symfony, Zend Framework, Drupal or WordPress, there are common threads that all Senior PHP developers have to deal with. We are PHP developers, so we know the important topics of the day. Whether you need to know about Composer or CQRS, we bring you the best talks given by the best speakers.

Why Did you Start Nomad PHP?

In 2013, Cal Evans had been attending and speaking at PHP conferences for seven or eight years. While it is always a grand time, no matter what conference he was at, he noticed that a lot of his friends online never could participate. Most couldn’t afford the time away from work. For others, the travel was cost prohibitive. For some, it was just an impossible journey.

Cal and Khayratte at Sunshine PHP 2015

One developer in the latter category was Khayrattee  (@7php) Wasseem. Khayrattee lives on the island of Mauritius. It’s a small island off the coast of Madagascar, which is a small island off the coast of Africa. Khayrattee made a name for himself in the PHP community by interviewing PHP developers about their involvement in the community. Even though he was an active part of the community, Khayrattee had almost no chance at attending a PHP conference. He would never get to hear the people that he was interviewing actually talk about their passion projects.

Rob AllenIf there was one developer in this situation, Cal figured that there were probably more. So he contacted his friend, Rob Allen, and explained that he wanted Rob to give one of his conference talks…online. Cal figured that even if they couldn’t see the talk live at a conference, they could still hear the talk and ask the speaker questions.

We weren’t trying to reproduce the conference experience, we were trying to bring the knowledge to those who couldn’t get to a conference.

–Cal Evans

Since then, Nomad PHP has presented over 80 such talks to over a thousand PHP developers around the world.

How Much Does It Cost?

Individual Nomad PHP tickets cost $19.95 per talk if you buy them before the talk begins. We like developers to participate live, so the recordings are available for sale after the event, but the price goes up. If you were to buy a ticket to every talk in a single year (24 talks * $19.95) your total outlay would be less than $500. That is comparable to may of the PHP conferences out there. It is, however, a better value than most conferences.

Conference Math

Let’s assume a ticket to a PHP conference is $300. (We won’t factor in travel or any of the other costs for this example, but you know they are there.)  For your $300, you get two full days of talks, breakfast and lunch. At most PHP conferences, you can see about five talks on a given day. This assumes that you attend a talk in every time slot and don’t skip one or more for the hallway track. So for a two-day conference, you can attend up to ten sessions. If you are attending just for the sessions, that means you are paying $30 per talk. Comparing apples to apples – talks to talks – if you buy Nomad PHP ticket for an entire year, you are paying $10 less per talk and you are getting more than twice as many talks. Most importantly, you are getting the exact same talks that you would see at a conference.

Regular Nomad PHP attendees never pay the full price, though. When you see Nomad PHP and you like it, you subscribe. If you subscribe to Nomad PHP, you pay even less than the retail $19.95 per talk. Nomad PHP annual subscribers pay only $274.45 per year.  This means that Nomad PHP subscribers pay less than $12 per talk.

Of course, none of this pricing takes into consideration, travel time, or lost productivity at work. Those can add up to make the conference experience a very expensive one indeed.

Continuous Learning

Don’t get us wrong, we love going to conferences. We think that it is important for every developer to participate in them. We also know that the vast majority of PHP developers will never be able to attend a conference, for whatever reason. Even those that do make it to a conference, it’s a once a year learning event. What about the rest of the year? Can you really learn everything you need to know for the year in 2-3 days? We don’t think you can. We think you need to create a habit of continuous learning. You constantly face new challenges in your projects, you need to be constantly learning new solutions.

If you are a Senior PHP developer – or you want to be one – join us. Subscribe to Nomad PHP today. Learn, Save, Grow.

P.S. In 2014, Khayrattee Wasseem got married. As a wedding present, the Nomad PHP community – along with friends at Sunshine PHP, Zend, and Pantheon – took up a collection and flew him to Sunshine PHP 2015. 🙂