Symfony Social Stats

Recently my good friend Ryan Weaver of KNPLabs released a very interesting page of statistics for the Symfony framework. The page titled “Symfony Trends” shows pretty graphics of some of the non-traditional statistics. Most of the time when we look at framework stats they are things like page load time and pages per second, the usual things that we use to compare frameworks with each other. The page Ryan shared gives interesting stats like:

  • How many developers contribute to different projects
  • Where Symfony contributors live and work
  • Commit count to Symfony code per year

These are all social stats. They show a very important metric, size and involvement of the community. I used to have a talk called “5 Things I Wish They Had Told Me About PHP Before I Started.” The first point was select a framework and one of the points of comparison I gave was size of the community. The size and involvement of the community is a very important metric when considering a framework. Ryan has made it easy to consider the Symfony community.


Cal Evans
Nerd Herder to the World Wide Herd

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