Team Monthly Subscriptions

Let us make this easy for you

Regardless of your team size, your first month is only $10. We are so confident that your team will love getting together and watching  Nomad PHP videos that after your first month, you can unsubscribe if you don’t like it. Keep the videos, share them with your team.

price-box-small-team price-box-medium-team price-box-large-team price-box-enterprise
Small Medium Large Enterprise
Size Up to 5 5 to 15 16 to 30 31 or more
Price / month $68.75 $147.50 $387.50 $750.00
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Note: Here’s how this works. Subscribe to any plan. You will be charged $10 which is for the NEXT meetings. Your card will not be charged the full amount until the 2nd of the following month. You can cancel at any time.