Team Pricing

Purchase a yearly subscription and save. PLUS get 13 meetings for the price of 12!

Small Teams Medium Teams Large Teams Enterprise
Team Size Up to 5 6 to 15 16 to 30 31 or more
Price per Month $62.50 $143.75 $380.00 $736.25

We’re happy to announce month-to-month team subscriptions.
Visit the link below for pricing information.

Monthly Team Subscriptions

Starting your team down the road to continuous learning is as easy as selecting a plan and clicking a button.


The Fine Print

  • Team Tickets are a license to share Nomad PHP content with developers employed by your company.
  • To allow you the most freedom possible, we operate on the honor system, but we rely on you to do your part. Select the plan that appropriately describes the number of developers who will be viewing the content.
  • Nomad PHP owns the copyright for each video. The copyright for content contained in each video is owned by the respective speaker.
  • The Enterprise plan grants you a blanket license to share the videos with all the developers in your corporation.
  • All videos produced by Nomad PHP are DRM free.