Build a culture of continuous learning.

Managers, you know the problem. You have to help your developers stay current or they will fall behind the curve, and then your projects will suffer.You can push it off on them and tell them it is their responsibility to stay current, or you can build a culture of continuous learning and help them grow.

Show your team that you are committed to their professional development, give them one more reason to love their team. Start a culture of continuous learning today with a Nomad PHP Team Ticket.




There are no solutions, only compromises.

  • Conferences are great, but expensive. Even the cheap ones cost you in travel and lost productivity.
  • Getting together after hours will work for some, but others will have family or civic responsibilities and can’t always join.
  • Lunch ‘n Learns are a great solution, but who has the time to create new content every week?

There are plenty of almost answers. If only there were an easy way to keep your team up to date without losing productivity or breaking the bank.

Wait, there IS one no-compromise solution, Nomad PHP Team Tickets!

Get your team a Nomad PHP Team Ticket and each month you will get access to new and interesting content, ready to share with your team. It takes only 3 steps to start a culture of learning.

  1. Download a video
  2. Order pizza*
  3. Learn!

* Pizza not included in subscription.

We provide the content, you are in control of everything else.

  • You decide how often
    You know your team, you know your developers, and you know your schedule. Show one video a month, or one video a week, the choice is yours.
  • You pick the content
    We offer two new sessions per month. You can pick either of them, or purchase sessions from our back catalog. Find the content that is most relevant to your team and watch that.
  • You decide when
    You don’t have to worry about scheduling your team’s meeting to coincide with a Nomad PHP meeting. You download the video and save it until you are ready to meet.

Nomad PHP has a proven track record of presenting the best sessions from speakers appearing at PHP conferences around the world. We carefully vet the speakers to make sure that the content is high quality and relevant to PHP developers. Many of our talks are deep technical talks that will challenge even your most Senior developers. Other sessions will provide discussion fodder for days afterwards as your developers digest it and discuss the topics that were presented and how they can be applied to existing projects.

See what others are saying

Nomad PHP have played a big part of my learning since the beginning. It helps me learn new things as well as going in depth on subjects I already know.

Eric Hogue

Build your culture of continuous learning.