Writing Viruses for Fun, not Profit

 1 years ago 9,239 views
Presented by Ben Dechrai(@bendechrai)

Stopping viruses is hard. They're clever, evolve, and become more resilient over time.
So let's write one! We'll see how they hide, and how they propagate.

In this presentation, Ben takes you on a live-demo journey of self-replication, cryptographic obfuscation, and payload delivery.

Now you're thinking like a virus writer, you can anticipate which areas of your applications need hardening. Just remember, we're doing it for good, not profit :)

Ben Dechrai is a technologist, presenter, community builder, and hard and-core privacy advocate. When he's not on stage, or sharing his ideas and views on security, identity, and privacy, he loves to hear about other people's passions and interests, technology related and otherwise. It's because of this that he has been known to run a number of community events, from conferences and meetups, to end-of-year parties and comedy shows.

In what spare time remains, he spends time with his family in Melbourne, Australia, and finds too many excuses to get out the power tools or dig trenches for the next fully-automated life hack that will hopefully one day save him time.