Voice First

We’ve all heard of “Mobile First”. Most of us are savvy enough to know that that really means “API First” and then “Mobile is the first client.” Have you heard though, about “Voice First?”

Starting with Siri, but greatly accelerated by the Amazon Echo and now the Echo Dot, we are seeing the birth of a new paradigm for interacting with computers, “Voice.” Ok, so talking to your computer has been around for as long as Science Fiction has, and true enough, in the early 90’s, Dragon Speaking tried to make it happen, but failed. Now though, we have the computing power to not only capture voice, we can quickly send it up the line to computers than can process it, and determine what you said.

Given all of this, it’s probably time you figured out what voice programming is and how it fits in with your current applications. To that end, I’ve got two links for you.

“Alexa, When’s the Bus?” by the always brilliant Lorna Jane Mitchell. Lorna walks you through the basics of creating an “Alexa Skill.” Don’t know what that is? Don’t worry, she explains it. Just go read the post.

And then listen to:

#voiceFirst” by my good friend Phil (Winkle) Jackson. Phil’s podcast Future Commerce is excellent, but in this episode, he starts an interview with Brian Roemmele. They talk about how voice interaction will revolutionize everything.

Don’t miss this bus. Start playing with voice and natural language processing APIs sooner rather than later.

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