Course: API Design

Est. time to complete: 8 hours

About this Course

Learn the fundamentals of PHP design with a focus on how you design and build long-lived RESTful APIs, user expectations and needs, using GraphQL, and using websockets with PHP. Upon completion of this course you will be prepared to take our API Certification exam.

Course outcomes:

  1. Understand REST
  2. Understand SDD
  3. Use API Specs
  4. Design an API
  5. Manage documentation
  6. Understand API management
  7. Understand real-world challenges
  8. Know when and how to use GraphQL
  9. Know when and how to use websockets
  Building RESTful APIs
  Why Users Hate Your API
  Building a Better API
  Intro to GraphQL
  Websockets in PHP
Undisturbed REST: A Guide to Designing the Perfect API
Undisturbed REST: a Guide to Designing the Perfect API (2nd Edition)


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