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Nomad PHP is uniquely tailored to Advanced Level PHP Developers

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24% US Based1

65% Ages 25-441

By advertising with us, you are helping support one of the most dynamic PHP user groups - reaching advanced PHP developers all over the world, helping them grow and network.  Along with knowing that you are making a difference in the lives of countless developers, and are contributing to the continued existence of this service - you'll find premium advertising opportunities to give your company the most exposure.

Take a look at our unique packages below, or contact us to build a custom package for your company.

Become a Founding Partner

Nexilio, LLC acquired Nomad PHP late July 2018, and since then has been working to bring even more value to Nomad PHP, including making significant investments in infrastructure, marketing, and resources. As a founding partner you help us continue this work, and receive lifetime recognition for your brand - on every page of Nomad PHP - in the process!

5/5 available

Your grayscale logo and link will be placed on the footer of every page of Nomad PHP, under a special section listed as "Founding Partners." This logo will be kept on the footer of these pages for the lifetime of Nomad PHP.

Cost: $20,000 / lifetime | Contact Us

Become an Exclusive Partner

Set your brand apart as the exclusive sponsor of our Individual Video pages, our blog, or your own training video.

Custom Training Video - Available

Have a custom meetup hosted by us in addition to our 2 monthly meetings.  Your meetup talk can be up to 60 minutes in length and can share technology relevant to your company and include your company's offerings - but must also provide value to our community (ie it can't just be a vendor talk).  In addition to the talk, the sponsored meetup will have your logo predominately placed both before and after, have a scripted message shared with live participants, have your meetup recorded and added to our video collection, and have an email announcement sent to our subscriber base announcing your meetup.  Please note, we reserve the right to view meetup content prior to the meetup, and to terminate with refund.

Cost: $1,000 / video | Contact Us

Video Streaming Sponsor - Available

As the video streaming sponsor you will receive three key ad placements on the individual video pages.  This includes a top right logo (320px by 100px), a bottom right banner (336px by 280px), a footer banner (728px by 90px), and a video pause screen banner (300px by 250px).

Cost: $500 / mo | Est CPM*: $19.11 | Contact Us

Blog Sponsor - Available

As the blog sponsor you will receive three key ad placements on the individual blog pages.  This includes a top right logo (320px by 100px), a bottom right banner (336px by 280px), and footer banner (728px by 90px).

Cost: $200 / mo | Est CPM*: $16.24 | Contact Us

Become an Advertising Partner

Create awareness for your brand and support Nomad PHP through shared banner or video advertising.

Meeting Sponsor - Available

As a meeting sponsor your logo will be predominantly placed and your scripted message read at the beginning and end of the live meeting, along with being embedded permantly in the video for our viewers to see again and again.

Cost: $300 / video | Contact Us

30 Second Video Ads - NEW

Your clickable, 30 second video ad will be added to our video ad rotation. Ads are displayed before and during video presentations, and linked to the link of your choice.

Cost: $10/cpm, min $50 purchase | Contact Us

General Ad Impressions - Available

Your banner ads will be rotated across the videos listing page, the blogs listing page, the community page, and the members page.  Please note your ads will not display on the individual video or blog pages as these are dedicated spots.  Banners in the following sizes should be provided: 300px by 1050px and 728px by 90px.

Cost: $200 / mo | Est CPM*: $4.20 | Contact Us

Email Newsletter Ad - Sold Out

Your choice of a linked small banner ad/ logo (320px by 50px) or 140 characters of linked text sent to our subscriber base of over 9,000 in our monthly newsletter.

Cost: $50 / ad | Est CPC*: $8.33 | Contact Us

* Estimated CPM and CPC based on traffic, advertising displays, and click throughs as of November 17, 2018. Nexilio, LLC does not guarantee any number of impressions or website traffic.

1 Based on Google Analytics From Jan 1, 2020 to Jun 2, 2020.