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With Nomad PHP you can reach professional PHP developers around the world at the exact time they are looking to learn more about solutions on the market and grow their skills.


Nomad PHP is uniquely tailored to Professional PHP Developers

13,000+ Members

54% in N.A./EMEA1

60% Ages 25-441

Unlike traditional media sites, Nomad PHP allows you to reach PHP developers effectively through banner, video, and event advertising. This unique combination allows you to reach developers through a variety of channels to get your message across - even letting you meet them in person at live streamed and in-person events!

Banner Advertising

Build brand awareness with prominent banner ad placement.

  Newsletter ads
  Liveplayer ads
  General ad rotation
  Dedicated blog post

Video Advertising

Clearly articulate your message and highlight your products with visual media.

  Pre and midroll ads
  Dedicated video sponsor
  Dedicated educational video

Event Advertising

Reach your audience in person, collect leads, present live, and hold 1-1 meetings.

  Booth sponsorship
  Speaking sponsorship
  Keynote sponsorship

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* Estimated CPM and CPC based on traffic, advertising displays, and click throughs as of November 17, 2018. Nexilio, LLC does not guarantee any number of impressions or website traffic.

1 Based on Google Analytics From May 17, 2020 to May 17, 2021.