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Only Nomad PHP lets your students attend PHP conferences from around the world online!

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Nomad PHP brings the top, industry recognized instructors to teach your students in-depth skills.

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Monthly presentations by leading experts, authors, innovators, and the hottest speakers!

Let Your Students Learn Advanced Techniques

200+ Videos

Students learn at their own pace, about what they're interested in with 200+ videos.


Your students receive a complimentary subscription to [php]architect magazine.

Nomad PHP Blogs

Students can stay up to date and even build their portfolio with our blogs.

Help Your Students Network and Become Job Ready

1 on 1 Mentoring*

Nomad PHP works to introduce your students to active mentors to help them grow.

Expert Networking

Nomad PHP is the Expert's community with the top names and innovators as members.

Professional Certifications

Let your students prove what they've learned with industry recognized certifications.

An Edge Beyond the Classroom at an Unbelievable Price

6-15 Students $194.85 ($12.99/student)
16-30 Students $389.95 ($12.99/student)
31-50 Students $598.95 ($11.98/student)
51-100 Students $998.95 ($9.99/student)