Learn Advanced PHP Programming

Grow your career and learn advanced PHP programming online with 200+ videos and live trainings by leading experts who actively work with PHP and advanced technologies everyday.

Core PHP

Learn Core PHP principles such as PSR-7, PSR-15, middleware, iterators, generators, banishing loops with functions, statements, handling injections, memory management, and much more.

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about APIs

Learn how to build frontend and backend APIs with formats such as REST, RPC, and GraphQL, as well as how to properly utilize hypermedia, API specifications, user testing, and websockets in PHP.

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Learn Docker & Kubernetes

Build, deploy, and orchestrate your high availability and scalable architecture with Docker and Kubernetes, while learning how to automate and manage network security with tools like Istio and Calico.

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Learn about Databases

Learn how to create and manage efficient data systems by properly setting up data structures, handling the n+1 problems, and connecting your data with MySQL, MongoDB and NoSQL, Redis, Prometheus, and more.

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Learn key DevOps concepts such as building a CI system with free tools, deploying PHP applications with Fabric, how to find touch points for monitoring your system and tools, tools automation, building PHP Daemons, long running processes and how to utilize virtulization.

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Learn how to Handle Events

Learn about Event-Driven Architecture for Microservices, how to use an event store in PHP and best practices for Event Sourcing and using CQRS.

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Learn PHP Frameworks

Learn about all the different Frameworks that are out there and how to utilize them. Laravel 4, Slim Framework, Async PHP with React, getting started with Aura, Lumen, Zend Framework, Symfony, Vagrant and much more.

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Learn about Performance

Learn about the vast amount of topics covering Perfromance. The topics range from scarling PHP with HipHop, RabbitMQ, Message Queueing, Asynchronous PHP, Generators, High-Perfromance PHP applications, the faster web,etc.

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Learn about PHP Security

Learn OWASP best practices including how to handle proper encryption and password hashing along with handling authentication, authorization, secure implementing 2FA, and so much more.

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Learn about PHP Testing

Ensure quality with automated testing using tools like Behat, PHPSpec, and PHPUnit, along with best practices for TDD and implementing client side testing with tools such as Selenium.

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200+ Videos by the Best Known Names in the Industry

Our speakers are internationally recognized authors, speakers, experts, and project leaders. Combined they have written hundreds of books and spoken at every major PHP conference worldwide. They are also responsible for key projects like PSR, Laravel, Symfony, Zend Framework, and more!

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