Smart grid, CIM and PHP

Chun-Sheng Li

September 17, 2020 at 6:00pm PDT      

Recently I've researched about the smart grid system for about two years. We also try to use PHP and Python to develop some CIM-based applications that follow the IEC-61970 and IEC-62325 standards. And build some services on smart grid system and help the grid system to be more reliable and powerful in Taiwan. In this talk, we hope audiences to know: - The smart grid system development status in Taiwan. - The relations are about CIM (Common Information Model) and Smart grid. - How to build CIM system? When to use this system? - What's IEC-61970 and IEC-62325 standards? - Learning about following IEC-62325 standard to develop SOAP-based web service.

About Chun-Sheng Li

Hi, this is Chun-Sheng, Li. You can call me Peter. I'm from Taiwan and I'm back-end developer and work in Industrial Technology Research Institute. And I'm also a passionate open source contributor.

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