Cooking with Credentials

Eric Mann

January 14, 2021 at 6:00pm PST        

There are many different ways to authenticate users to your application in PHP land. This talk will take a deep look into at least three different patterns for user authentication to keep your system secure. Everything we'll be doing is password-focused, moving from the simplest methods to the most complex. We will only discuss actually-secure PHP authentication, but presenting multiple approaches will give you and your teams superb flexibility when your move from theory to implementation.

About Eric Mann

Eric is a technical leader and software polyglot with over a decade of experience working on projects big and small. He is keenly focused on security and developing reliable best practices for software development. Eric is a Director of Engineering at Vacasa, using his technical skills to lead both data and infrastructure teams to build a reliable platform for the business. His drive is to optimize business workflows and innovate on technical implementations to drive his teams and the systems they maintain towards the future.

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