Map, Filter, and Reduce in PHP

Derek Binkley

February 20, 2020 at 11:00am PST        

Even though Map Reduce was created for parallelization, which PHP does not natively support, the syntax is supported. In this article I will outline how to use map, filter, and reduce with PHP collections and the benefits you can gain over traditional for loops.

In this talk we will explore different methods of processing and manipulating collections of data giving you new tools in your developer’s toolbox.

About Derek Binkley

Derek Binkley is a Software Consultant with Spark Labs. While getting his start fixing the Y2K date problem in Cobol, Derek quickly moved on to spend almost twenty years using PHP, JVM Languages, JavaScript, MySQL, ElasticSearch, and Oracle.

He enjoys teaching others through speaking, mentoring, and writing articles. Derek works to encourage developers to write clean and testable code. When not in front of a computer he spends time with family, travels, makes pizza, and drinks beer.

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