Preparing for Doctrine 3

Denis Brumann

November 17, 2020 at 11:00am PST        

Doctrine ORM is probably the most used database abstraction in PHP. With Doctrine 3 on the horizon it's a perfect time to look at how Doctrine has changed and will change and what this means for you as users. This talk looks at some of the already merged features for Doctrine 3 that could have an impact on your code and why the might prevent you from upgrading. I will show approaches for tackling these changes and how your projects might benefit from introducing them already.

About Denis Brumann

Denis has been working with PHP for over 10 years starting with PHP 5.2. After working in the public sector, for an e-commerce agency and a Berlin startup he joined SensioLabs in Berlin where he focuses on improving existing applications usually with Symfony. He likes being an active part in the PHP and Symfony community by attending conferences, organizing usergroups and giving talks & workshops.

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