Do PHP Frameworks still make Sense? Let’s go Frameworkless to focus on the Domain!

Damiano Petrungaro

July 16, 2020 at 11:00am PDT      

All the developers know how important frameworks are, but after your team made more than 3 000 commits after the first release, the framework became the bottleneck of your application. In this talk, I’ll share my knowledge about how to keep using the framework as a tool and integrate DDD concepts to nail it.

About Damiano Petrungaro

Philosopher ego-less coder and community enthusiast. Damiano develops applications in PHP and Golang using domain driven design (DDD) and test driven development (TDD) methodologies supported with modern tools and practices such as and Docker, CI/CD, KPI and metrics. At the moment Damiano is specialising in coding complex domain logic writing clean and testable code. Damiano is a supporter of a proper Git workflow applying a strict commit convention for a good and readable history of the code. Damiano is am always looking to discover new development methods and technologies, and has a good networking of developers, with whom he relates and compares to on a daily basis. Currently, Damiano is the maintainer of Laravel-Italia community and Conventional Commits.

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