MVC: It's all a lie!

Milko Kosturkov

September 12, 2019 at 11:00am PDT        

All of us who use MVC on a daily basis in our projects - we've been lied to! What we call MVC is flawed! How did this happen? What was the original idea? What went wrong? We'll dig into the past and find the answers. Then we'll identify the problems that MVC has and present an alternative - the Action-Domain-Responder!

About Milko Kosturkov

Milko has been a professional developer for more than 13 years, but actually started to play with programming about 21 years ago. He has worked on many diverse projects, including TV productions, SMS and Voice added services, MMO games, freelancing, SEO aiding projects, etc. Keen on writing clean, expressive working code when programming he mostly enjoys designing the overall architecture of the system and digging deeply into the domain of the problem at hand.

On the non-technical side - he recently started his own company and began organisation of Bulgaria PHP Conference 2019.

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