Migrating from PHP5 to PHP7 Doesn't have to be Scary

Andy Beak

March 21, 2019 at 11:00am PDT        

In this talk I'll cover the benefits of PHP7 and show that migrating is not only good for performance but necessary for compliance with security frameworks like PCI and NIST. I'll help you out by pointing you in the direction of tooling that will help you spot problems in your code, tooling to test your stack on the new version, and some good old fashioned encouragement. Hopefully by the end you will see that migration is good for you, and easy to do!

About Andy Beak

Andy is a cloud architect with a decade of experience in PHP development. He is a Zend certified PHP engineer and his guide to PHP has been published by Apress. During his time in the industry Andy has worked on applications for large financial institutions, dynamic startups, payment processors, as well as a slew of smaller web applications. In his spare time he hacks on side projects, studies, and plays MMORPG.

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