Eliminating Invisible Work

Guillermo A. Fisher

March 19, 2020 at 6:00pm PDT        

10 Minute Lightning Talk

The software development community is made up of several well-meaning, helpful people. Sometimes, that desire to be helpful can lead to developers taking on ad-hoc tasks, like fixing "easy" bugs, or helping the marketing team push out a critical campaign -- and there's nothing inherently wrong with them taking on that work... unless it isn't being tracked. In this session, we'll discuss the effects of negative work on individuals as well as teams, and we'll explore some ways that developers can help defend themselves against it.

About Guillermo A. Fisher

Guillermo is a Cloud Enablement Leader at Cloudreach who leads a team of data scientists, data architects, and data engineers. He is also the founder of 757ColorCoded, an organization focussed on helping people of color achieve careers in technology. He's a husband, father of four, fan of clean code, and a consumer of very silly comedy.

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