Twitch Replay: Beautiful Code - The Way of the Developer

Midwest PHP

April 25, 2020 at 1:00pm PDT        

Software Developers are writing history with every line of code they produce. We live in a changed world, and the digital revolution has transformed every business into a software business, making developers the most important demographic on the planet. We rely on developers to create the technology that we depend on every day – and the process of making that software is both challenging and rewarding. Come join Jesse Davis, EVP of Product & Technology at Devada, as he takes us through his experiences and best practices for building ground-breaking products, choosing what technology is right for you, and how to assemble and grow a great team of developers that achieve their potential. Whether you’re a software developer looking to get some tips on the development cycle or a tech executive who wants a better performing team, you’ll find real-world examples and solutions that can make your teams and processes better.

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