Building REST APIs that Don't Suck for Modern Day SPAs

Adewale Abati

March 21, 2019 at 6:00pm PDT        

Front end applications have become increasingly powerful over the years and there’s been a shift in the approach of application architecture. As more single page frontend applications are being built, there is even more reliance on an API to power the logic of the entire application.

This talk would cover the common practices, guidelines and tips to building a REST API that can be secure and easily accessible for Single Page Applications. We'd be going over using the right status codes, structure of endpoints and much more.

About Adewale Abati

Abati Adewale, also known as Ace is a Web Developer and Advocate at Ingressive. He is passionate about open source, the web and basketball. Adewale is also a technical writer for Pusher and LogRocket and runs a YouTube channel in his name documenting his journey through tech and development and other aspects of the lifestyle of a techie from Nigeria. (

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