Workshop: Git Legit

Pauline Vos

June 15, 2019      

During this workshop we'll be getting into the nitty gritty of Git, hands-on. We'll be applying some of the concepts we've learned in the previous talk in interactive exercises. Expect to:
  • Navigate your history in different ways
  • Keep your history clean with interactive rebase
  • Cherry-pick and rebase other people's changes
  • Use reflog to undo mistakes
  • Use bisect to find a certain point in history
  • Automatically run commands on your commits
  • Automate more of your flow with Git hooks

About Pauline Vos

Pauline is a PHP developer currently employed by Werkspot in Amsterdam. She likes good, clean software design and being as efficient (lazy) as possible. Also cocktails, video games and animal memes. She lives in Amsterdam with her cat, Phife Cat, and about three plants.

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