Midwest PHP 2021

Nexilio, LLC

April 22, 2021 at 7:00am PDT        

Join over 1,000 PHP developers for 2 days with 52 sessions and 37 speakers covering topics like Beginning PHP, Everyday tools and methods, security, performance, and PHP at enterprise-grade.

Keynotes, Beginner Track, and Everyday PHP track included with your free Nomad PHP account. Security & Performance and Enterprise tracks require a Growth or Professional subscription.

See full schedule at https://midwestphp.org/schedule.

About Nexilio, LLC

Founded in 2018 as the home of Nomad PHP, Nomad JS, and now Midwest PHP, Nexilio LLC serves one purposeL to make technology and learning accessible to all. Today Nexilio LLC serves thousands of developers with the largest PHP conference in the US and a collection of over 300 professional grade PHP talks available on demand. Nexilio also offers on-demand courses, books, and certifications to help expand the resources available to developers worldwide.

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