Introducing Nomad PHP User Groups

Mike Stowe

November 10, 2020 at 6:00pm PST        

Postponed until November

User groups are coming to Nomad PHP! With Nomad PHP Groups you can create your own local or online based user group without having to worry about monthly fees or having to pay for costly meeting software.

Your members will be able to seamlessly join your group, RSVP for events, and even attend virtual events with a single account, no software to download, and one-click access.

Join us to learn more about Nomad PHP Groups, see a walk through of this new offering, and learn how you can join the beta to create and host your own user group at no charge.

About Mike Stowe

Raised in rural, Northern Minnesota, Mike is a huge advocate of bringing technology and empowering underserved communities worldwide. Having co-founded Midwest PHP, Mike also serves as an organizer for Northeast PHP, and helped organize/ serves on the Advisory board of API World. He has made it his mission to share his learnings by doing over 100 presentations worldwide, and by working to make his book, Undisturbed REST, available to all regardless of income.

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