Distributed Tracing: From Chaos to Clarity

Billie Thompson

July 18, 2019 at 11:00am PDT      

Ever felt lost in your microservices architecture, unable to tell which requests go where? This talk will give you a practical guide on how to clarify where requests go, and how to visualise them. This talk will help you make the case for OpenTracing, giving you a short tour of the current tracing options. Moving on it will give you practical implementation advice including common problems such as high load and event-based systems, as well as diving into the future of tracing with the increasing adoption of FaaS. This is a practical talk aimed at people near the code.

About Billie Thompson

Billie Thompson is a cloud-native consultant working at Armakuni. I help organisations move towards, fast-moving, sustainable, modern development practices. Every team is different, but usually, I’m helping teach Agile, DevOps and DDD practices at all skill levels.

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