Green Button, JavaScript and PHP

Chun-Sheng Li

August 20, 2020 at 6:00pm PDT        

10 Minute Lightning Talk

Recently we've researched about electric data management service developments for about whiles.

We also know that the Green Button data standard and this helps us a lot about developing our electric data management system.

This standard is good, but it also lacks the library about implementing Green Button Data standard in PHP or JavaScript.

In this talk, we will let audiences know about following things:

Knowing about Green Button standard and how it works.
How to use this standard on our electric data management system.
How to implement this standard in PHP and JavaScript.
Demonstration about these Green Button libraries.

About Chun-Sheng Li

Hi, this is Chun-Sheng, Li. You can call me Peter. I'm from Taiwan and I'm back-end developer and work in Industrial Technology Research Institute. And I'm also a passionate open source contributor.

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