Workshop: Achieving Undisturbed REST

Mike Stowe

January 24, 2019 at 11:00am PST        

Building an API is easy. Designing an API is hard. That's the motto of Undisturbed REST: a guide to designing the perfect API, and the book used by many of today's top enterprises to answer key questions and build a sustainable, efficient API that lasts.

In this five hour workshop we'll jump right in, tackling the questions you need to answer, looking at how to design your API, and learning from real examples in the field. And as a special bonus, each participant will receive a complimentary PDF version of the book to dig in and continue learning with.

Upon completion of the workshop, you'll also be able to earn certification as an API Specialist.

About Mike Stowe

Author of Undisturbed REST: a Guide to Designing the Perfect API, Michael Stowe has spoken at and been recognized as an API expert conferences around the world. An active advocate for creating better architectures and interfaces, his work has also been featured on ProgrammableWeb, DZone, and InfoQ. You can view his past talks and slides at and follow him on Twitter @mikegstowe.

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