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Continuous Learning

Nomad PHP® is the best way for PHP developers to stay at the top of their game. Each month we have expert speakers from around the world discussing new topics or techniques that PHP developers need to learn.

Learn on your own schedule

Nomad PHP subscribers gather together once a month to learn. They also get to download the event to watch off-line as many times as they like, for a long as they like.

  • Learn on your daily commute, carpool, bus, or train.
  • Learn while waiting to pick up your kids.
  • Learn sitting in a coffee shop enjoying your morning coffee.

Where and when you learn is up to you. As a Nomad PHP subscriber, you enjoy the freedom to learn as part of the live event, or to learn on your own schedule. The important thing is that you continue to learn, continue to grow as a developer, continue to advance in your career.

Learning doesn’t have to break the bank

For $24.95 per month, you get:

  • A ticket to both Nomad PHP events each month
  • Downloadable versions of both meeting to watch offline
  • Discounted price on videos of past meetings.
    Subscriptions do not include access to past videos, only those that occur during the subscription period.


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