Monkeys in the Machine

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Presented by Eric Mann (@ericmann)

November 17, 2016

Sometimes, our use of PHP grows beyond the typical request/response cycle of dynamic page generation. Unfortunately, the threaded nature of PHP – and the stateless nature of the server – betrays any efforts to expand our utilization of the server. I will walk attendees through various evolutions of a specific application from synchronous execution of loops through asynchronous execution with threading in PHP.

Yes. Just like in JavaScript.

Together, with this more advanced _asynchronous_ PHP we will attempt to breed virtual monkeys and finally solve the [Infinite Monkey Problem]!

Eric Mann
Eric Mann is a seasoned web developer with experience in languages from JavaScript to Ruby to C#. He has been building websites of all shapes and sizes for the better part of a decade and continues to experiment with new technologies and techniques.

Eric is a Tekton working with [Tozny] helping to engineer better, safer, more secure ways to identify yourself and control your information.



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