Pipelined: PSR-7, PSR-15, and Middleware

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Presented by: Mike Willbanks (@mwillbanks)

October 18, 2018

With the introduction of PSR-7 (message interfaces) and subsequently PSR-15 (server request handlers) we can pipeline our process and create more interchangeable components using HTTP middleware. In this talk we'll talk about middleware, how it changes our applications, mindset and the ecosystem. As middleware can be used most anywhere with just about any framework, we will use SlimPHP as our backbone to provide examples and work-through best practices of sustainable and reusable middleware.

Additional Resources
• PSR-7 Middleware: https://github.com/oscarotero/psr7-middlewares
• PSR-15 Middleware: https://github.com/middlewares/psr15-middlewares
• PSR-15 Slim: https://github.com/bnf/slim3-psr15
• PSR-17 Slim: https://packagist.org/packages/http-interop/http-factory-slim
• PSR-15 Middleware for Laravel: https://jimshannon.me/blog/a-psr-15-compliant-middleware-bridge-for-laravel

About Mike

Mike is a software development executive with a range of experience in Software / Product Development and Information Technology. He has 15+ years of experience in leading teams, developing software, cloud computing, scalability, globalization, business intelligence, and product innovation.



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