Painless Database Schema Changes with Feature Flags

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Presented by David Kanenwisher

May 21, 2020

Have you ever dreamed of being able to make schema changes to your database without taking downtime? If you’re like me you probably see schema changes as terrifying. Usually there is little you can do to prepare for them except sink as much time as you can checking your code and migrations for correctness. Fret no more!

This talk will give you a detailed explanation of how to fearlessly make database schema changes with feature flags. You will leave this talk knowing how to add simple feature flags to your application and use them to make database changes to your application as it’s running. All skills levels will find value in this talk whether or not you know anything about feature flags.

About David
David Kanenwisher has worked at a few different start-ups in Fargo, ND, most recently as a software architect at Bushel. As a web developer he’s worked in a variety of languages, the most exotic being Erlang, but his favorite is still the plucky and pragmatic PHP.



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