Code Interfaces, Patents, and Copyrights

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Presented by Mike Stowe

May 20, 2021

In a landmark decision that marked the end of a ten year saga, the Supreme Court ruled that APIs are not copyrightable. In this talk we'll take a look at the claims from copyright to patent infringement, review the history of decisions, and look into the key statements behind the Supreme Court ruling. We'll discuss what this likely means for the future of code interfaces and what it means for interoperability.

Note - not legal advice.

About Mike
Michael Stowe is a professional, Zend Certified Engineer with over 10 years experience building applications for law enforcement, the medical field, nonprofits, and numerous industrial companies. Over the last several years he has been focused on APIs and ways to improve industry standards and efficiency. He now works for RingCentral, a company on the leading edge of cloud communications. You can view slides from his other talks at or follow him: @mikegstowe




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