Achieving High-Quality Code Standards

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Presented by Patrick Schwisow

April 23, 2021

We all want want high-quality code. Standards keep things consistent and make it easier to identify potential problems, but if you want high-quality code, you need high-quality standards. We'll dive into PHP-FIG's code standards PSRs and investigate how PHP_CodeSniffer can automate standards enforcement. We'll use docblocks to create functional documentation with phpDocumentor. This talk will prepare you to write clean, consistent code so you can easily navigate and share between developers.

About Patrick Schwisow
Patrick has been into web technologies since the "bad old days" when animated GIFs were required on all sites and the BLINK tag still had some supporters. He suffered through several years of procedural programming in PHP4, survived the tabs-spaces war, and has come to love code standards and peer code reviews. Patrick is a Senior Software Engineer at Moonrise.
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