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Welcome to PHP 7.1

In case you are living under a rock, the latest version of PHP released last week. PHP developers around the world began rebuilding their development containers with it so they can run their tests. Now it’s your turn. If you haven’t already installed it, you can download it here http://php.net/downloads.php Grab it, get it running in your development environment, and run those unit tests. If all goes well, you can begin planning your staged deployment to production.

If you need a quick start guide to get you going, our good friend Mr Colin O’Dell has just the thing for you “Installing PHP 7.1”. It’ll get you up and going quickly on PHP 7.1.

What’s the big deal about PHP 7.1? I am so glad you asked. Here are the major new features released in PHP 7.1.

* Nullable types
* Void return type
* Iterable pseudo-type
* Class constant visiblity modifiers
* Square bracket syntax for list() and the ability to specify keys in list()
* Catching multiple exceptions types

Now if you want a quick intro to several of these new features, check out our “RFCs of the Future” playlist on YouTube. In it, I talk about 4 of the new features.

Oh and while you are watching things download & compile, why not take the time to give a shoutout to all the core contributors, and a special thank you to Davey Shafik and Joe Watkins, the PHP 7.1 release managers.