Procrastination as a Service

 3 years ago 11,705 views
Presented by Lawrence Shea (@soWizardly)

In this talk, I’ll convince you that your parents were wrong & procrastination is actually a best practice. I’ll discuss: what caching is, what queuing is, why you (probably) don’t need live data, why you should push everything off until later & how we can get our lazy on with Redis.

Lawrence Shea is primarily a PHP Developer, with over six years of real-world experience. He’s always working on the bleeding edge, with modern frameworks like Laravel. Lawrence loves to learn; mostly by regularly attending PHP conferences, spending time helping junior developers, co-organizing BostonPHP & Laravel Boston, and moderating Reddit’s /r/PHPHelp.

Lawrence is an expert in many languages and has worked extensively with building: REST APIs, open source search engines (SOLR, Sphinx, Elastic) and migrating homegrown codebases to modern frameworks.



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