Build Your Own GraphQL Playground

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Presented by David Kanenwisher

April 4, 2020

Have you heard about GraphQL but aren’t sure where to start? I’ll show you how to get a GraphQL server running with Laravel and Lighthouse. Then you’ll learn how to implement essential GraphQL features: the SDL, queries, and mutations.

You’ll leave this talk knowing how to get your own GraphQL server up and running and understanding the key components of GraphQL. Beginners and veterans can follow along and level up their skills!

About David

David Kanenwisher has worked at a few different start-ups in Fargo, ND, most recently at Bushel where his current position is Head Coach of Engineering. As a web developer he’s worked in a variety of languages, the most exotic being Erlang, but his favorite is still the plucky and pragmatic PHP.
Tags: graphql,APIs