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Why I joined Nomad PHP
I've been using PHP since 1996. I've been paid to use PHP for the last 12 years.

I am a big fan of the language and it's amazing to see just how much it's changed in the last 24 years.

I finally joined NomadPHP because in the current climate, I feel like I need to give back to the community, and share some of the things that I've learned over the years.

In my current role, I’m working with a large pool of developers from many different backgrounds and skill levels to maintain a large pool of php based tools for a web hosting company.

These tools range from in house tools for support and sales, to customer facing tools for automation and quality of life applications.

I’m a big fan of frameworks, specifically Laravel. I discovered Laravel 4.0, decided to give it a try and immediately realized how valuable it could be as a way to prototype quickly. It has since grown to a tool in my toolbox I use regularly for medium and small applications simply as a time saver.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, or what to pick my brain. I can’t promise I know it all, but over the years I’ve learned how to solve problems and find answers.

Thank you, and I look forward to what may come.

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mike - 3 years ago
Chris -
We're excited to have you as part of the world wide herd! Thank you for your support, and your willingness to pay it forward and help others! This attitude is exactly what makes the PHP community so amazing, and we couldn't be more thankful to have you as part of our community.

- Mike