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![Ideas to help your PHP dev team grow their skills](https:/ /cdn.filestackcontent.com/LcqSW9KZSZarYYZWaQVH)

> Your biggest asset is also your biggest risk... your developers

Your business thrives because of the incredible work and innovation of your developers. With simple keystrokes your developers can completely transform your business, add new features, and drive new sales.

But those same keystrokes can take down production, create security back doors, and put your business at risk. That's why it's more important than ever for your team members to be up to speed with the latest technology, especially around performance and security.

Of course, some things are easier said than done - after all everyone is super busy these days. So how can you help keep your team members learning, and putting your business first in the process?

## Conference Parties

There's nothing better than attending a [PHP or prog...